Players can decorate the scenery behind their Avatar with a wide array of Backgrounds. Most Backgrounds can be purchased for Blood or Favor points or earned by completing requirements. Several backgrounds were released in tandem with sets of clothing and have similar themes, however they are purchased separately and are not strictly part of a set. There are currently 28 different backgrounds.

Assorted Pieces

ID Piece Cost Related Set Related Event
73 London Free *  ? None?
85 Vegas 10,000 Icon Blood  ? None?
97 Moonlit Forest 10 Icn Favor Point  ? None?
98 Blood Magic 10,000 Icon Blood  ? Halloween 2009?
99 Traitor's Grave 10 Icn Favor Point  ? None?
100 Earthen Passage 10,000 Icon Blood  ? None?
101 Concrete Mausoleum 10,000 Icon Blood  ? None?
145 New York *** ** Clubbing / New York costumes New York
146 Club Crave 10 Icn Favor Point Clubbing / New York costumes New York
227 Padded Room 10 Icn Favor Point Asylum set None?
228 Electric Chair 10 Icn Favor Point Asylum set None?
243 Pirate Ship 10 Icn Favor Point Pirate set None?
244 Pirate Shipwreck 10 Icn Favor Point Pirate set None?
258 Swamp 10 Icn Favor Point Futurepunk Set New Orleans?
268 Moonlit Coffin 10 Icn Favor Point Tokyo Punk set None?
281 Post Apocalyptic 10 Icn Favor Point Adventurer set None?
292 Garden 10 Icn Favor Point Royal Armor set None?
293 Castle Gate 10 Icn Favor Point Royal Armor set None?
313 Russian ***  ? Icn Favor Point Russian Spy / Russian Guard costumes Russia
320 Secret Lab 10 Icn Favor Point Faceless set None?
341 Cathedral 10 Icn Favor Point Nun / Priest costumes Paris?
330 Tree Throne 10 Icn Favor Point Gothic Lace / Gothic Leather costumes None?
356 Church 10 Icn Favor Point Bride / Groom costumes Paris
371 Castle 10 Icn Favor Point Regal Armor set None?
385 Paris 10 Icn Favor Point Parisian set Paris
432 Dark Room 10 Icn Favor Point Leather Punk set None?
1918 Graveyard 50 Icn Favor Point Graveyard Shift set None
1919 Romania 50 Icn Favor Point  ? None

* Default background.
** Earned by finding all 12 New York Avatar pieces.
*** Only available for a limited time.

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