Beastly Vigor

Beastly Vigor is one of the blessings that Mandy can cast on you at the Blood Magic wheel. It, like all other Blood Magic Spells, has varying levels of strength and effect.

Weakest Effects:

  • +50% bonus rage
  • Cast on you and 10 (?) other clan members.

Medium Effects:

  • +100% bonus rage
  • Cast on you and 50 (?) other clan members.

Strongest Effects:

  • +200% bonus rage
  • Cast on you and 500 (?) other clan members.

Rewards from Blood Magic
Blessings  • Beastly Vigor  • Bloodlust  • Demonic Strength  • Glyph of Guile  • Glyph of Wisdom  • Lilith's Kiss  • Twilight's Grace  • Warlock's Gift
Curses  • Witch's Curse

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