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The Black Friday sale was an 48-hour event stretching from November 25th 2011 - November 27th 2011. The majority of the sale revolved around Elder, Ancient's Workshop, and previous Sales Abilities sold at discount prices or in bulk for Favor Points. Other purchasables include 3 new Abilities on sale **, retired Familiar, the Ballroom Set, and Akem's Gods of Night set. For the first time in a sale, players can also buy Eternal's Abilities used in Old Blood.

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Black Friday Abilities

Four new Abilities were available only during the sale ** and could be purchased from The Elders for ?? Icn Favor Point. Due to a glitch, most were unavailable.

Fang Rip large

Two Day Only Ability Sale

Two Days Ability Sale

These Abilities could be purchased individually or in a set of three. The Abilities stayed the same during the entire sale and were available in the Base Game and Old Blood.

Base Game

Set Abilities Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Carmilla's Allure, Claws of Chaos, Control Spider Swarm 35 Icn Favor Point each 75 Icn Favor Point
Row 2 Possess Body, Endless Night, Petrify 35 Icn Favor Point,

50 Icn Favor Point,
35 Icn Favor Point

65 Icn Favor Point
Row 3 Blood Bath, Telekinetic Strangulation, Necromancy 95 Icn Favor Point each 150 Icn Favor Point

Old Blood

Set Abilities Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Arm of Darkness, Assassin's Stealth, Carrion Rot 35 Icn Favor Point each 75 Icn Favor Point
Row 2 Demonic Battery, Demonic Descent, Phantom Walk 35 Icn Favor Point each 65 Icn Favor Point
Row 3 Warrior's Steed, Sword Stalker, Medieval Kill 35 Icn Favor Point each 75 Icn Favor Point

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle

Every fours hours 1 new Bundle would appear, replacing the previous Bundle. Each Bundle appeared only once and cost 90 Icn Favor Point and were only available in the Base Game.

Set Abilities Time
 ?  ? Day 1: 3am - 7am
Puppeteer Frost Touch, Hypnosis, Inflict Nightmares, Persuasion, Psycho-Telekinetic Rage Day 1: 7am - 11am
Powers that Be Ambush of Allure, Amplify Fear, Amplify Pain, Animate Nightmare, Animate Objects Day 1: 11am - 3pm
Darkness Dawning Endless Night, Obscure Sun, Swirling Shadow, Wolf Moon, Zombify Day 1: 3pm - 7pm
Summoning Spell Summon Black Chariot, Summon Black Widow, Summon Golems, Summon Mist, Summon Smoke Cloud Day 1: 7pm - 11pm
 ?  ? Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 3am
 ?  ? Day 2: 3am - 7am
Fatal Moves Black Cat Form, Cause Sleepwalk, Cheetah Speed, Wake of Vultures, Wall Crawling Day 2: 7am - 11am
Fire and Water Command Djinn, Command Fire spirits, Command Ravens, Command Water Spirits, Conquer Time Day 2: 11am - 3pm
License to Kill Cloak Mind, Control Lightning, Dark Steed, Obsidian Blood, Ride the Lightning Day 2: 3pm - 7pm
Blades of Fury Arcane Flail, Blade Dance, Blades of Bone, Blades of Vengeance, Blood Bath Day 2: 7pm - 11pm
Born to Die Melody of Death, Necrotize, Satanic Smile, Wail of the Banshee, Zombify Day 2: 11pm - Day 3: 3am

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning

Every hour one new Elder or Event Ability would be on sale for 25 Icn Favor Point. After 60 minutes a new Ability would appear, replacing the last one. Another section of the page gave hints on the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense, and were available in the Base Game and Old Blood.

Base Game

Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 4am  ?
Day 1: 4am - 5am  ?
Day 1: 5am - 6am  ?
Day 1: 6am - 7am  ?
Day 1: 7am - 8am  ?
Day 1: 8am - 9am Arcane Flail
Day 1: 9am - 10am Simean Sleight?
Day 1: 10am - 11am Swirling Shadow
Day 1: 11am - 12pm Animate Nightmare
Day 1: 12pm - 1pm Blood Pact
Day 1: 1pm - 2pm Command Fire spirits
Day 1: 2pm - 3pm Flay Skin
Day 1: 3pm - 4pm Soul Invasion
Day 1: 4pm - 5pm Medusa's Gaze
Day 1: 5pm - 6pm Rigor Mortis
Day 1: 6pm - 7pm Endless Night
Day 1: 7pm - 8pm Ethereal Song
Day 1: 8pm - 9pm Dimensional Leap
Day 1: 9pm - 10pm Summon Golems
Day 1: 10pm - 11pm Kinetic Barrier?
Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 12am Scrying?
Day 2: 12am - 1am  ?
Day 2: 1am - 2am  ?
Day 2: 2am - 3am  ?
Day 2: 3am - 4am  ?
Day 2: 4am - 5am  ?
Day 2: 5am - 6am  ?
Day 2: 6am - 7am  ?
Day 2: 7am - 8am Conquer Time
Day 2: 8am - 9am Lilith's Temptation
Day 2: 9am - 10am Melody of Death
Day 2: 10am - 11am Elder's Malignance?
Day 2: 11am - 12pm Phantom Stealth
Day 2: 12pm - 1pm Black Cat Wail
Day 2: 1pm - 2pm Cast Polymorph
Day 2: 2pm - 3pm Death Cloud
Day 2: 3pm - 4pm Knight's Glory
Day 2: 4pm - 5pm Priest's Fervor
Day 2: 5pm - 6pm Cast Time Warp
Day 2: 6pm - 7pm Wail of the Banshee
Day 2: 7pm - 8pm Song of Sorrow
Day 2: 8pm - 9pm Demon's Taint
Day 2: 9pm - 10pm Astral Ascent
Day 2: 10pm - 11pm Falcon's Fury
Day 2: 11pm - Day 3: 12am Guard Mind
Day 3: 12am - 1am Agility
Day 3: 1am - 2am Raise Demon Storm
Day 3: 2am - 3am Blades of Bone

Old Blood

Unlike the Base Game, these Abilities repeated every 12 hours, so each ability was available 4 times.

Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 4am,

Day 1: 3pm - 4pm,
Day 2: 3am - 4am,
Day 2: 3pm - 4pm,

Arm of Darkness
Day 1: 4am - 5am

Day 1: 4pm - 5pm,
Day 2: 4am - 5am,
Day 2: 4pm - 5pm,

Assassin's Stealth
Day 1: 5am - 6am,

Day 1: 5pm - 6pm,
Day 2: 5am - 6am,
Day 2: 5pm - 6pm,

Carrion Rot
Day 1: 6am - 7am,

Day 1: 6pm - 7pm,
Day 2: 6am - 7am,
Day 2: 6pm - 7pm,

Cast Shadow Shield
Day 1: 7am - 8am,

Day 1: 7pm - 8pm,
Day 2: 7am - 8am,
Day 2: 7pm - 8pm,

Centaur's Foresight
Day 1: 8am - 9am,

Day 1: 8pm - 9pm,
Day 2: 8am - 9am,
Day 2: 8pm - 9pm,

Conjure Illusions
Day 1: 9am - 10am,

Day 1: 9pm - 10pm,
Day 2: 9am - 10am,
Day 2: 9pm - 10pm,

Demonic Battery
Day 1: 10am - 11am,

Day 1: 10pm - 11pm,
Day 2: 10am - 11am,
Day 2: 10pm - 11pm,

Demonic Descent
Day 1: 11am - 12pm,

Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 12am,
Day 2: 11am - 12am,
Day 2: 11pm - Day 3: 12am,

Eternal Agony
Day 1: 12pm - 1pm,

Day 2: 12am - 1am,
Day 2: 12pm - 1pm,
Day 3: 12am - 1am,

Eternal Misery
Day 1: 1pm - 2pm,

Day 2: 1am - 2am,
Day 2: 1pm - 2pm,
Day 3: 1am - 2am,

Flail of Torment
Day 1: 2pm - 3pm,

Day 2: 2am - 3am,
Day 2: 2pm - 3pm,
Day 3: 2am - 3am,

Horn of Destruction

Retired Familiars

Several retired sets of Familiars were made available again during the sale, giving players a second chance to get ones they might've missed the first time. Every three hours a new Set would appear, replacing the last Set. Each set could be purchased at 180 Icn Favor Point, or each Familiar could be bought separately for 40 Icn Favor Point, 60 Icn Favor Point, or 80 Icn Favor Point, and were only available in the Base Game.

Time Familiar Set
Day 1: 3am - 6am Hydra set
Day 1: 6am - 9am Lynx set
Day 1: 9am - 10am Bear Set
Day 1: 9am - 12pm Phoenix set
Day 1: 12pm - 3pm Owl Set
Day 1: 3pm - 6pm Swarm Set
Day 1: 6pm - 9pm Hyena Set
Day 1: 9pm - Day 2: 12am Clowns set
Day 2: 12am - 3am Hellhounds set
Day 2: 3am - 6am Basilisk set
Day 2: 6am - 9am Harpy Set
Day 2: 9am - 12pm Fox set
Day 2: 12pm - 3pm Imps set
Day 2: 3pm - 6pm Wyvern Set
Day 2: 6pm - 9pm Ghouls set
Day 2: 9pm - Day 3: 12am Dragon set
Day 3: 12am - 3am Scorpions set

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Ballroom Avatar

The retired Ballroom Set from a previous event were made available again for 35 Icn Favor Point each, and were only available in the Base Game.

Gods of Night Abilities

The Gods of Night set from a previous event were made available again, and were only available in the Base Game.

Mythology and Etymology

(content needed)


It's the darkest day of the year... Stock up on abilities and familiars before the sale runs out!

Darkness dawns upon Old Blood. Abilities that will sharpen your bite are now on sale!

Darkness will dawn upon all of Vampire kind this Friday! The Black Friday Sale in Vampire Wars is here! Stock up on all special Limited Edition Abilities, which are now available at unbelievable prices!


  • ** The 3 abilities which should have been sold during the entire event at 95 Icn Favor Point were never made available.
  • The Hints used in the Old Blood Lightning Sale which normally updates once an hour was never updated.

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See also: Sale Events

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