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The Bloody Valentine Sale was a 24-hour event that took place on February 14th 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Elder, Event, and Ancient's Workshop Abilities sold at discount prices or in bulk for Favor Points. Other purchasables include 3 new Elder Abilities and 3 new Twisted Cupid set Familiars available only during the sale, and the new Blood Lust set Avatar.

Bloody Valentine Abilities

Three new Abilities could be purchased from The Elders for 35 Icn Favor Point each, and were only available during the sale.

Eye of Cyclops large

One Day Only Ability Sale

These Abilities could be purchased individually or in a set of three. The Abilities stayed the same during the entire sale.

Set Abilities Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Flametongue, Dust of Deception, Break Reality 35 Icn Favor Point each 75 Icn Favor Point
Row 2 Carmilla's Allure, Claws of Chaos, Control Spider Swarm 35 Icn Favor Point each 70 Icn Favor Point

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle

Every fours hours 1 new Bundle would appear, replacing the previous Bundle. Each Bundle appeared only once and cost 120 Icn Favor Point and were only available in the Base Game.

Set Abilities Time
Soul Awakening Sonic Scream, Soul Annihilation, Soul Invasion, Soul Rot, Split Soul Day 1: 3am - 7am
Summoning Spell Summon Black Chariot, Summon Black Widow, Summon Golems, Summon Mist, Summon Smoke Cloud Day 1: 7am - 11am
Tides of War Arcane Flail, Blades of Bone, Blood Bath, Feral Form, Helm Of Blood Day 1: 11am - 3pm
Born to Die Evoke Wrath, Fatal Fury, Necrotize, Summon Death, Zombify Day 1: 3pm - 7pm
Light and Shadow Cloak Mind, Control Lightning, Dark Steed, Obsidian Blood, Swirling Shadow Day 1: 7pm - 11pm
License to Kill Command Water Spirits, Conquer Time, Drain Life Essence, Icy Wind, Raven Spy Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 3am

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning

Every hour one new Elder Ability would be on sale for 25 Icn Favor Point. After 60 minutes a new Ability would appear, replacing the last one. Another section of the page gave hints on the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense, and were available in the Base Game.

Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 4am Melody of Death
Day 1: 4am - 5am Elder's Malignance
Day 1: 5am - 6am Song of Sorrow
Day 1: 6am - 7am Demon's Taint
Day 1: 7am - 8am Astral Ascent
Day 1: 8am - 9am Falcon's Fury
Day 1: 9am - 10am Guard Mind
Day 1: 10am - 11am Agility
Day 1: 11am - 12pm Raise Demon Storm
Day 1: 12pm - 1pm Blades of Bone
Day 1: 1pm - 2pm Cast Polymorph
Day 1: 2pm - 3pm Death Cloud
Day 1: 3pm - 4pm Knight's Glory
Day 1: 4pm - 5pm Priest's Fervor
Day 1: 5pm - 6pm Cast Time Warp
Day 1: 6pm - 7pm Wail of the Banshee
Day 1: 7pm - 8pm Phantom Stealth
Day 1: 8pm - 9pm Black Cat Wail
Day 1: 9pm - 10pm Summon Golems
Day 1: 10pm - 11pm Kinetic Barrier
Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 12am Scrying
Day 2: 12am - 1am Inhuman Reflexes
Day 2: 1am - 2am Soul Rot
Day 2: 2am - 3am Magma Blood

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Twisted Cupid Familiars

Twisted Cupid promobox

The Twisted Cupid Familiars could be bought for standard price of 40 Icn Favor Point, 60 Icn Favor Point, 80 Icn Favor Point, or in a set for the same cost of 180 Icn Favor Point.

See also: Twisted Cupid set

Blood Lust Avatar

Blood Lust promobox

The Blood Lust Avatars were introduced during the sale; the  Icn Female for 55 Icn Favor Point, and the  Icn Male for 50 Icn Favor Point. They can still be purchased after the sale.

See also: Blood Lust set

Other Events

Mythology and Etymology

In mainstream culture, St. Valentine's Day is often considered the day of love and has become synonymous with candy and cards. Bloody Valentine is also the name of a Canadian slasher from 1981, which revolves around a deranged coalminer attacking people with a pickaxe on Valentine's Day.

Licence to Kill is also the name of 1989 Bond film in which James must abandon his post at MI6 to hunt down a dangerous drug lord and avenge his friend Felix Leiter.


Turn your darkest fantasies into reality with these exclusive Valentine's abilities and familiars. Get them now before the sale closes.

Image Gallery

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