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The Bombay (event) was a multi-chapter Event similar to New York. It required the Mission Item Peacock Plumes. You have 24 days to complete the chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it for (10 or 15?) favor points and earn additional abilities. The event began on February 15th 2011 and ran until March 11th(?) 2011.

Bombay Pre-event Ad

Travel to the East


There has been a power shift amongst the Elders. And Bombay is where the great game is being played out!

An Elder has gone missing -- the Guardian of the East. New creatures stir in this city of vice and broken dreams. Bring them to a swift end. But don't get caught in the blinding lights.

Are you ready?-Sagaan

Players can travel through the portal to Bombay to search for the missing Guardian. Unlike other portals, no key is required to enter Bombay.

Peacock Plumes

Peacock Plumes

See: Peacock Plumes


Bombay Chapter1 Header
Bombay Chapter1 Title
It was such an ordinary night. And then you met Beelzebub.
Completing this chapter earns the ability Firestarter.

Bombay Chapter2 Header
Bombay Chapter2 Title
This city is beginning to grow on you!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Nocturnal Boogie.

Bombay Chapter3 Header
Bombay Chapter3 Title
A drink by any other name is still... blood!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Blood Binge.

Bombay Chapter4 Header
Bombay Chapter4 Title
The good thing about being lost -- you get to see something extraordinary.
Completing this chapter earns the ability Inhuman Dexterity.

Bombay Chapter5 Header
Bombay Chapter5 Title
The bad thing about being lost -- you need to ask for directions.
Completing this chapter earns the ability Law of Tooth and Claw.

Bombay Chapter6 Header
Bombay Chapter6 Title
True evil hides in plain sight -- a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Completing this chapter earns the ability Fade Away.

Mastery of all chapters earns the ability Shadow Wolves.


See: Bombay Missions


See: Bombay Ability Set


The peafowl or peacock is a native bird in India as well as serving as India's national bird. The peacock, known as Mayura in Sanskrit, has enjoyed a fabled place in India since and is frequently depicted in temple art, mythology, poetry, folk-music and traditions.


See also: Bombay Missions, Peacock Plumes, Bombay Ability Set

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