The Boosts are 1-time items that grant a small bonus or refill to the stat meters. Some are auto-consumed, while others are stored in the Stats page for later use. These were first introduced in January 2010 (?).

ID Reward Icon Obtained From Auto-Consumed
249 50% Energy Boost Deadbull Akem's Gamble,


251 50% Rage Boost Boost Rage Collector N
252 50% Health Boost Boost Health Collector N
254 100% Energy Boost Heartcandy Bag Valentine's Day?,


304 15% Energy Boost Deadbull Daily Email Y
305 15% Rage Boost Boost Rage  ? Y?
306 50% Blood Boost Elderblood  ? Y
378 25% Energy Boost Deadbull  ? Y?
332 8 Random Devil's Hide Hide Random Collector Y
333? Blood * Boost Blood Ancient Vampiric Chest Y
334? Exp * Boost Experience Ancient Vampiric Chest Y
335? (unknown)  ?  ?  ?

* Item scaled to player's level.

See also: Mission Items

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