Adept is the name for the third set of missions on Vampire Wars. Missions in this set are unlocked from level 9 to 19.

The rewards for mastering every mission in this tier are: One skill point One favour point.

Mission Name Level Energy Experience Requires Payout
Challenge a Haitian Voodoo Gang 9 6 6

1 Wolf Form, 8 Fast Healing and 20 Fangs abilities.

8,800 to 13,200 blood and a Rare ability, Raise Zombies.

Fight a Pack of Werewolves 9 18 22 1 Bat Form, 2 Wolf Form and 5 Fast Healing abilities. 48,000 to 72,000 blood.
Retrieve a Lost Relic From the High Desert 12 7 8 1 Horrific Transformation and 2 Gliding abilities. 28,000 to 42,000 blood.
Fight Another Vampire For Mental Dominance 14 8 10 20 Enhanced Senses, 4 Vertical Ascension, and 3 Bat Form abilities for Mastery level 1, and 1 Garlic Clove for Mastery Levels 2 and 3. 36,000 to 54,000 blood and a rare ability, Telepathy.
Take Control of a Neighborhood 15 14 19 3 Wolf Form, 5 Impervious, and 15 Mind Control abilities for Mastery Level 1, and 1 Grave Dirt mission item for mastery levels 2 and 3. 100,000 to 400,000 blood
Save a Vampirem From Hunters
Clear a Laboratory of Hideous Mutants

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