Reaper Missions

Retrieve the Long Lost Map Req: 54 energy and 1 veil of thorms, 2 control bar clans, and 10 mortify(s)

54 xp 2,475,000- 4,675,000 blood

Travel to Cave Mouth Req: 48 energy and 1 dodge daylight, 20 raise zombies and 10 corrosions

65 xp 2,200,000- 4,000,000 blood Chance to Loot: ?

Eviscerate the Gate Keeper Req: 62 energy and 15 immunity to religious icons, 5 blood shields and 1 ironic annihilation

86xp 2,860,000- 5,000,000 blood

Dive into the Abyss Req: 72 energy and 1 insatible thirst, 5 demonic farmilars, and 15 purge blood

104xp 3,300,000- 5,610,000 blood Chance to loot: Summon Black Widow

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