What is used in combat and how should you pick others to combat?
How exactly do abilities work during fights?

Abilities are divided into three types: Offensive Abilities, Defensive Abilities, and Movement Abilities. Each clan member can use one of each type of ability. Clan members will automatically use the best available abilities (abilities with high attack stats will be favored when attacking; abilities with high defense stats will be favored when defending.)

Note that the number of abilities you have is bound by the size of your clan. For example, if you've learned 42 Fangs but only have 10 clan members, you will fight with 10 Fangs.

Be careful of Vampires with a Clan size bigger than yours. They will be much tougher to defeat.


Cambat was improved as of April 19th 2011. You now have a chance to win the mission items Anvil, Chisel and the follwing abilities:

Offensive: Command Succubus, Inflict Plague, Rising Fury, Mutilate Soul, Cause Coma, Induce Morbid Thoughts, Cloud Senses

Defensive: Slow Time, Sleight of Hand, Drain Strength, Control Locusts, Gaze of Misfortune

Movement: Resurrection, Blur Motion, Flame of Tyranny

Other than these, abilities required in regular missions like Vampire Lord, Create Illusion, Cat's Grace, etc may also be found.

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