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The Commander of Death (event) was a Gifting Event similiar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Severed Hand, Maggots, and Guts. You have 15 days to complete the ability set. The event began on October 27th 2011 and ran until November 10th 2011.

Collecting Body Parts

Evoke the horrors of Hell to inflict eternal agony on your enemies, and you shall be hailed the Commander of Death.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Severed Hand, Maggots, and Guts

Ability Set

Each ability had 3 levels of mastery and by mastering all abilities earns the ability Commander of Death.

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense Cost
Death's Hand Lvl 1 Death's Hand Defensive 11 Icon Attack 74 Icon Defense 5 Severed Hands
Death's Hand Lvl 2 Death's Hand Defensive 15 Icon Attack 83 Icon Defense 10 Severed Hands
Death's Hand Lvl 3 Death's Hand Defensive 14 Icon Attack 97 Icon Defense 15 Severed Hands
Internal Decay Lvl 1 Internal Decay Movement 44 Icon Attack 42 Icon Defense 5 Maggots
Internal Decay Lvl 2 Internal Decay Movement 43 Icon Attack 43 Icon Defense 10 Maggots
Internal Decay Lvl 3 Internal Decay Movement 57 Icon Attack 54 Icon Defense 15 Maggots
Strangulation by Entrails Lvl 1 Strangulation by Entrails Offensive 67 Icon Attack 20 Icon Defense 5 Guts
Strangulation by Entrails Lvl 2 Strangulation by Entrails Offensive 75 Icon Attack 28 Icon Defense 10 Guts
Strangulation by Entrails Lvl 3 Strangulation by Entrails Offensive 96 Icon Attack 28 Icon Defense 15 Guts
Commander of Death Commander of Death (ability) Offensive 205 Icon Attack 33 Icon Defense 30 Severed Hands,

30 Maggots,
15 Guts

See: Death's Hand, Internal Decay, Strangulation by Entrails, and Commander of Death

Mythology and Etymology

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Image Gallery

See also: Gifting Event

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