"The Vampire Elders have been around a long, long time. And they'd be more than willing to help you out a little if you're willing to help them out first. The Vampire Elders grant boons in exchange for favor points. These can be spent to obtain blood, expand your clan, refill your stats, or change your name or character type. Occasionally the Elders will even offer rare abilities in a limited amount.

When you create a character you are given a small amount of favor points. After that, you will gain one favor point every time you level up or when you gain a trophy. Beyond that, the only way to gain more points is to complete offers listed on the Elders page or to purchase them from Zynga directly."
At the current time, the Council offers:

Purchase for 10 favor points
Purchase for 10 favor points
  • Get X blood (X is determined by income)
Purchase for 10 favor points
  • 2 extra clan members
Purchase for 20 favor points
Purchase for 25 favor points
Purchase for 2 favor points
Purchase for 30 favor points (Cost doubles with use!)
  • Change your name
Purchase for 15 favor points
Purchase for 15 favor points

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