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The Crypt grants players free Abilities or Minions as a reward for returning several days in a row. Each consecutive day unlocks 1 lock, and failing to return the next day relocks 1 lock. A new lock can be opened between 24-48 hours after the previous one. Once all the 5 rewards are unlocked there is nothing else to gain. Akem's Manah's treasure has been changed at least twice, possibly more.

Unlock the keys to hidden treasures if you show your devotion to Akem. Come back daily to unlock the next key needed for your Chest.

Treasure Available

These treasures were available from August 14th 2009. [1]

Old Treasure closed
Set Treasure Locks Required Type
1 3x Demonic Familiar 3 Ability
2 3x Psychic Minion 4 Minion
3 6x Dodge Daylight 5 Ability
4 6x Winged Guard 6 Ability
5 12x Ironic Annihilation 7 Ability

It took 25 consecutive days to unlock.

These treasures were available from April 10th 2012.

New Treasure closed
Set Treasure Locks Required Type
1 1x Blindness Attack 3 Ability
2 1x Zombie Illusion 4 Ability
3 1x Ghost of Gold Dust 5 Ability
4 1x Chupacabra Master Key 7 Ability
5 1x Inflict Dementia 9 Ability

It takes 28 consecutive days to unlock.


Below the city, in an ancient crypt, you find a chest of wood and bone. Occult symbols glow faintly on the wood.

As you gaze at the box, a voice echoes inside your head: "I am Akem Manah, the demon of evil purpose. After centuries of watching the humans on this planet grow, struggle, and die, I have grown bored. I am tired of watching humans with their feeble mortal limitations. I wish to see the evolution of the world's strongest vampire.Grow in power. Return here every day so I may view your progress, and I shall reward you.

The demon of evil purpose, Akem-Manah, resides in a Crypt below the city streets. Here he will grant you treasure in exchange for returning to the app once a day. Beneath each chest is a number of locks that must be undone in order to gain the treasure. Each lock represents one day in which you must return to Vampires. Note that these locks must be unlocked consecutively - if you do not visit the app within 24 hours of unlocking a lock, ONE of your locks will be reset. Once all the locks are gone, you may click on the open chest to receive your reward. Another chest will appear if you have more to unlock.

After this there is nothingness.

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