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The Dreamcatcher (event) was a Gifting Event similiar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Eagle Feather, Dream Beads, and Sinew String. You have 15 days to complete the ability set. The event began on November 15th 2011 and ran until November 30th 2011.

Crafting Your Mystical Net

Dreamcatcher's Revenge

The dreams of the living are yours to control. Master the sinister waves of the sleeping mind and the Dreamcatcher's Revenge will be yours.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Eagle Feather, Dream Beads, and Sinew String

Ability Set

Each ability had 3 levels of mastery and by mastering all abilities earns the ability Dreamcatcher's Revenge.

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense Cost
Plunge Of Destiny 1 Plunge Of Destiny Movement 41 Icon Attack 41 Icon Defense 5 Eagle Feathers
Plunge Of Destiny 2 Plunge Of Destiny Movement 47 Icon Attack 45 Icon Defense 10 Eagle Feathers
Plunge Of Destiny 3 Plunge Of Destiny Movement 52 Icon Attack 53 Icon Defense 15 Eagle Feathers
Drops Of Deliverance Lvl 1 Drops Of Deliverance Defensive 15 Icon Attack 64 Icon Defense 5 Dream Beads
Drops Of Deliverance Lvl 2 Drops Of Deliverance Defensive 17 Icon Attack 73 Icon Defense 10 Dream Beads
Drops Of Deliverance Lvl 3 Drops Of Deliverance Defensive 20 Icon Attack 92 Icon Defense 15 Dream Beads
Web Of Menace Lvl 1 Web Of Menace Offensive 68 Icon Attack 14 Icon Defense 5 Sinew String
Web Of Menace Lvl 2 Web Of Menace Offensive 76 Icon Attack 16 Icon Defense 10 Sinew String
Web Of Menace Lvl 3 Web Of Menace Offensive 90 Icon Attack 23 Icon Defense 15 Sinew String
Dreamcatcher's Revenge Dreamcatcher's Revenge Offensive 199 Icon Attack 34 Icon Defense 30 Eagle Feather,

30 Dream Beads,
30 Sinew String

See: Plunge Of Destiny, Drops Of Deliverance, Web Of Menace, and Dreamcatcher's Revenge

Mythology and Etymology

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Image Gallery

For other use see: Dreamcatcher Disambiguation page

See also: Gifting Event

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