The Elders avatar set was available for a limited time during October 2009. They could be earned randomly by completing Missions in the Halloween 2009 Event.

Female Mandy

ID Piece Slot Cost
119 Hair Head - Hair Free
120 Shoes Feet - Boots Free
121 Socks Feet - Socks Free
122 Dress Torso - Shirts Free
123 Cat Other - Jewelry Free
124 Eyes Body Type -
Female Bodies

Male Akem

ID Piece Slot Cost
113 Jacket Torso - Coats Free
114 Mask Head - Hair Free
115 Shirt Torso - Shirts Free
116 Pants Legs - Pants Free
117 Shoes Feet - Boots Free
118 Doll Other - Jewelry Free

Mythology and Etymology

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Image Gallery

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