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The Feather Wings avatar set became available on September 10th 2010. It can be crafted on the Artisans page using Peacock Feathers, Cardinal Feathers, and Phoenix Feathers.

Feather Wings set

ID Piece Attack Defense Energy Rage Cost
111 Peacock Wings +20 Icon Attack +20 Icon Energy 100 Icon Feather B
112 Cardinal Wings +20 Icon Defense +20 Icon Energy 100 Icon Feather R
191 Phoenix Wings +20 Icon Energy +10 Icon Rage 100 Icon Feather G
Set Bonus +10 Icon Attack +10 Icon Defense +20 Icon Energy
Total +30 Icon Attack +30 Icon Defense +80 Icon Energy +10 Icon Rage 100 Icon Feather B,
100 Icon Feather R,
100 Icon Feather G

Background Information

The unofficial names for this set are "Blue Angel", "Red Angel", and "Gold Angel". You can also tell from the IDs that some of these items were uploaded to the server before Devil Wings set, but were not released until afterwards.


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