Type: Movement
Attack Points: 4
Defence Points: 6
Level: 7

Initial Cost: 60,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 600,000 blood or 5 Favour points
Upkeep: -100 blood

This ability is obtained from the Bazaar

This ability is required for the mission(s) Retrieve a Lost Relic From the High Desert, Clear a Laboratory of Hideous Mutants

It can be improved by spending blood or favour points. The levels of mastery are called Better, Greater, and Superior. Mastery increases by 15% with each improvement purchase. At 100% the next level is attained. You may only spend blood to improve this ability once every 24 hours.

Better Gliding

Attack Points: 9
Defence Points: 11
Cost: 300,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 1,200,000 blood or 5 Favour Points
Upkeep: -1,000

Greater Gliding

Attack Points: 19
Defence Points: 21
Cost: 600,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 3,600,000 blood or 5 Favour Points
Upkeep: -4,000

Superior Gliding

Attack Points: 38
Defence Points: 42
Cost: 1,200,000 blood
Upkeep: -12,000

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