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The Gothic horror ability set is limited edition Offensive, Defensive, and Movement Abilities earned through random drops in Akem's Gamble. It available between December 15th 2011 - January 2nd 2012 and is found on Facebook.

As with other Ability Sets a player can earn more than one ability except for the reward Wolfenbach's Cruelty. These abilities cannot be given as Gifts.

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense
Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster Offensive 172 Icon Attack 66 Icon Defense
Mr. Hyde's Guile Mr. Hyde's Guile Defensive 87 Icon Attack 151 Icon Defense
Dracula's Bloodlust Dracula's Bloodlust Offensive 142 Icon Attack 94 Icon Defense
Fantomas' Villainy Fantomas' Villainy Movement 118 Icon Attack 119 Icon Defense
Wolfenbach's Cruelty Wolfenbach's Cruelty Offensive 209 Icon Attack 106 Icon Defense

Mythology and Etymology

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