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The Greek was a 18-chapter Portal Event, similiar to Spain. It required the Mission Item Arrowhead. The player has 60 days to complete all chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it and earn additional abilities; 5 Icn Favor Point for the first three chapters and 10 Icn Favor Point for the last three chapters in each district. The event ran from May 22nd - July 22nd 2012

Destroy the Rogue Vampires


In the land of civilization, you are caught in a war you didn't start and one you can't stop!

The throes of war are mysterious beyond comprehension. Go beyond winning and losing as larger ploys are at play! Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open – thou shalt trust none, neither Kings nor Gods!. You must keep going no matter what! It's a matter of life, and death. -Sagaan

Players travel backwards through time to the age of Greek gods and legends. Unlike other Portal Events, no key is required to enter Greek.



See: Arrowhead



Athens chapter1 header
Athens chapter1 title
Each muscle of yours is taut as your body races to match your mind in the heat of battle. Kill everyone on your path to survival.
Unlocked May 22nd. Completing this chapter earns the ability Warmonger's Delight.

Athens chapter2 header
Athens chapter2 title
Unlocked May 25th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Aphrodite's Curse.

Athens chapter3 header
Athens chapter3 title
Unlocked May 28th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Macedonian Shield.

Athens chapter4 header
Athens chapter4 title
Unlocked June 1st. Completing this chapter earns the ability Instant Labyrinth.

Athens chapter5 header
Athens chapter5 title
Unlocked June 4th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Demons of Doubt.

Athens chapter6 header
Athens chapter6 title
Unlocked June 8th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Call of Destiny.

Mastery of all Athens chapters earns the Epic ability Athena's Duality.




See: Greek (missions)

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense District
Warmonger's Delight Warmonger's Delight Offensive 192 Icon Attack 50 Icon Defense Athens
Aphrodite's Curse Aphrodite's Curse Defensive 64 Icon Attack 188 Icon Defense Athens
Macedonian Shield Macedonian Shield Defensive 35 Icon Attack 215 Icon Defense Athens
Instant Labyrinth Instant Labyrinth Defensive 70 Icon Attack 174 Icon Defense Athens
Demons of Doubt Demons of Doubt Offensive 167 Icon Attack 88 Icon Defense Athens
Call of Destiny Call of Destiny Movement 123 Icon Attack 121 Icon Defense Athens
Athena's Duality Athena's Duality Movement 152 Icon Attack 153 Icon Defense Athens

Collection Abilities

Greek Gods' Secrets

While completing Missions in Greek there was a chance of finding pieces of the Athens Collection in Athens. These could be traded for Greek Gods' Secrets.

Return to Greek

After the event ended, Greek reopened for 1 week to allow players to finish any incomplete missions. Arrowheads could be purchased with Favor points, but no longer requested from friends, bought from the Collector, or dropped in missions.

Mythology and Etymology

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See also: Greek (missions)

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