Halloween 2010 was a 10 day Event which started on Friday October 22nd 2010. The event included a new Halloween Avatar costume set, new Ghost Familiars, new Blood Brothers gamble ability set, and related Limited Edition Ability. The Boost graphics were also replaced with candy.

Halloween Costume

Eight new pieces were released and could be found randomly by completing Missions. Regardless of gender you must find the 4 Female pieces before the 4 Male pieces. These pieces are free and can't be purchased.

Halloween Avatar Ad
Found Piece
1 Dia Los Muertos Necklace
2 Dia Los Muertos Dress
3 Dia Los Muertos Boots
4 Dia Los Muertos Mask
5 Red Death Shoes
 ? Red Death Mask
 ? Red Death Shirt
 ? Red Death Pants


See also: Halloween Avatar costumes

Ghost Familiars

These are similar to others except provide slightly more Energy.

See: Familiars

Blood Brothers

This Event is similar to other Gamble Events, except the length is shortened from 30 days down to 10.

See also: Blood Brothers Ability Set, Blood Brothers

Candy Boosts

The Boost graphics were replaced with candy but this did not effect their use.

Halloween Candy1
Halloween Candy2
Halloween Candy3
Boost Experience Energy Rage Blood Health
Original Boost Experience Boost Energy Boost Rage Boost Blood Boost Health
Candy Halloween Boost Experience Halloween Boost Energy Halloween Boost Rage Halloween Boost Blood Halloween Boost Health

The Ancient Vampiric Chest Feed also used 1 of 3 special Halloween Feed images.

Limited Edition Ability

Items eternal damnation

The weekly Limited Edition Ability Eternal Damnation was originally sold for the standard price of 35 favor points but was later raised to 65 favor points. It has the strongest Attack rating of any Ability sold by the Elders.


(content needed)

Other Events

Although the Pandora Event ran during the same time frame, it was not(?) part of Halloween 2010.

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