Martini 01

33% Completion

Martini 02

66% Completion

Martini 03

100% Completion

Lana's Induction Tutorial is designed to help new players learn the basics of Vampire Wars. The player is given 7 days to complete several tasks, including:

The player can earn Trophies for completing 33%, 66%, and 100% of the Induction. Completing the Induction faster earns you more Favour points; the most points available is 100 and the least is 20. Failing to beat the timer gives you 0 Favour points.


The Trophies are supposed to become unavailable after the timer runs out. However I have found by hiring Jeremy for several days it is possible to get the third trophy after earning the first two properly. (I'm not sure but I believe I got all the other tasks finished except Jeremy.)

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