Ironic Annihilation
Type: Offensive
Attack Points: 35
Defence Points: 20

This ability is obtained from Crypt and "Investigate" the Chapel, and is available on the Facebook platform.

Ironic Annihilation ipod

Type: Offensive
Attack Points: 23
Defence Points: 19

This ability is obtained from Loot from Murder Lowly Wretch between May 18th and May 24th 2010, and is available on the iPod platform.


This symbol is a Vampire Ankh. It is a sharper version of a regular Ankh which is the Egyptian symbol for eternal life and immortality.

The Vampire Ankh is used as the logo for the PC game "Vampire Bloodlines: Masquerade", represents the Camarilla, and is the shape of a dagger used in 1 of the game endings. The term "Ironic Annihilation" possibly refers to the ironic fate of LaCroix or whoever opens the sarcophagus.

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