The Jackie The Ripper set became available on May 12th 2011.

Female Jackie The Ripper Costume

ID Piece Slot Attack Defense Energy Rage Cost
781 Jackie The Ripper Dress Torso - Coats +3 Icon Attack +2 Icon Defense +2 Icon Energy +2 Icon Rage 18 FP
782 Jackie The Ripper Hat Head - Hats +1 Icon Attack +1 Icon Defense +1 Icon Energy 6 FP
783 Jackie The Ripper Heels Feet - Boots +1 Icon Attack +1 Icon Energy 4 FP
784 Jackie The Ripper Hair Head - Hair +1 Icon Attack +1 Icon Defense +1 Icon Energy 6 FP
Total +6 Icon Attack +4 Icon Defense +5 Icon Energy +2 Icon Rage 34 FP

Purchasing the entire set costs 30 FP; it's cheaper than buying each piece separately.


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