Loot Abilities are rare, strong abilities that are exclusive to the iPod platform. They are marked on the My Stats page with a yellow star and a skull & bones. Loot Abilities are usually better than normal Abilities or Mission Mastery abilities, but not as good as Limited Edition Abilities. As a general rule the second Loot ability is better than the first.

Every Tuesday there are 2 new Loot Abilities which are available only during a 7-day period. They are earned at random by performing the Loot Missions, which are found under the Leech Missions. The requirements for a Loot mission vary from week to week:

  • The first Loot Mission requires 1-3,6 Clan S, 15 Energy, level 3-5 and level 3,5, or 6 in two specific Bazaar skills. You earn 15XP, 1000 Blood S, and there is a 15% chance of getting the first Loot Ability.
  • The second Loot Mission requires 2-6 Clan S, 20 Energy, level 3,6 in the first Loot Ability and 3-5 in a specific Bazaar skill. You earn 20XP, 2000 Blood S, and there is an 8% chance of getting the second Loot Ability.

In the past, some Loot Abilities were earned for installing another iPod App.

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