Tier Level Mission Energy XP Blood Min Blood Max
Fledgling1Feast on a Human's Blood11200300
1Destroy a Renegade Vampire338001200
1Eliminate a Street Gang5514002500
1Raid a Blood Bank5728004600
2Fight a Sewer Wererat23520780
2Kill a Drug Dealer348401260
3Rescue an Ally From an Insane Asylum4411201680
Neophyte4Fight Ghouls in the Deep Woods3316002400
4 Destroy a Circle of Warlocks3316002400
5 Tame a Shadow Demon3417002500
5 Feed in Central Park81240006500
5Attack a Vampiric Lair810500015000
6Sneak into Vampires' Nest5564009600
7 Fight a Vampire Slayer55704010560
8End the Unlife of a Lich55760011400
Adept9Challenge a Haitian Voodoo Gang66880013200
9 Fight a Pack of Werewolves10144800072000
12Retrieve a Lost Relic From the High Desert782800042000
14Fight Another Vampire For Mental Dominance8103600054000
15Take Control of a Neighborhood1419100000400000
16 Save a Vampire From Hunters10156400096000
17Clear a Laboratory of Hideous Mutants1318108000162000
Savant18 Battle a Werewolf Lord1522450000800000
19Rescue an Ally from the Underworld1520142000213000
22Fight Government Agents in Foundry1826240000360000
25 Banish Summoned Demon192710000003000000
27Face a Rival Clan Alone202822000004200000
30Destroy a Demonic Lord202925000005000000
31Exterminate A Rival Clan213130000006000000
Stalker32Research the Spider Queen's Lair354211000002000000
33Travel through the Moonlit Forest283410000001900000
35Uncover the Spider Caverns374716000002700000
38Eliminate the Spider Guards395017500003100000
41Locate the Queen's Nest405220000004100000
44Slay the Spider Queen456025000004000000
47Imbibe the Spider Queen's Blood426023000004400000
51Demolish the Spider Caverns466926000004500000
Deathbringer52Foresee a Traitor in the Midst384420000004000000
55Interrogate a Traitorous Minion354317000003250000
58Investigate the Lair of Acanthus334216000003000000
61Create a Diversion425420000003800000
63Assault Acanthus's Lair455821000004000000
65Stand-Off with Acanthus507515000007500000
Vindicator66Uncover Draven's Catacombs424922000004200000
67Navigate the Labyrinth384620000003700000
70"Investigate" the Chapel455623000004200000
73Clear the Rotting Meat Locker526827000004700000
76Meet with Lord Draven506824000004100000
79Uncover the Truth548120000003600000
80Dispense with Lord Draven598528000008600000
Scion81Receive the Shadow Council's Request455422500004250000
82Travel to the Council Ruins404920000003700000
85Meet with the Council's Emissary526526000004600000
88The Shadow Council's Challenge607930000005100000
91Heir to the Council506825000004200000
94Prepare the Altar527326000004200000
97Summon the Shadow Council588528000004600000
100Ascend to the Shadow Council629038000007600000

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