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Sagaan's Plea:
"I need your help, Vampire.

Once, I loved a human woman. She left this world long ago, and now our son Gabriel is in need of aid. He, too, loves a human - Anette Dupont. He will stay by her and let her live and die a mortal. But Andre Moreau seeks to make her his eternal Vampire Bride.

Half-bloods are weak by Vampire standards, and so my son requests a body guard until the wedding. Please, help him." -Sagaan

Paris is the place to be; With vampiric love entwined with the atmosphere of Paris is irresistible. You must go through the portal to Paris where you must accept Saggan's plea to find his son and protect his mortal bride until the wedding at death day. This Event started on the September 21st 2010 and runs for 24 days.

Paris Chapter1 Header
Paris Chapter1 Title
Sagaan has sent you on a quest of a personal nature. Meet his son Gabriel in Chapter 1: The Request! Completing this chapter earns the ability Parisan Passion.

Paris Chapter2 Header
Paris Chapter2 Title
Stand watch at Madame Dupont's mansion and guard her from Andre's henchmen in Chapter 2! Completing this chapter earns the ability Eternal Vigilance.

Paris Chapter3 Header
Paris Chapter3 Title
Attend and defend the wedding of Anette and Gabriel in Chapter 3! Completing this chapter earns the ability Command Hunchback Bodyguard.

Paris Chapter4 Header
Paris Chapter4 Title
After fleeing Notre Dame, Andre returns to kidnap Anette in Chapter 4! Completing this chapter earns the ability Control Gargoyles.

Paris Chapter5 Header
Paris Chapter5 Title
Follow Andre's trail through The Catacombs in Chapter 5! Completing this chapter earns the ability Animate Skeletons.

Paris Chapter6 Header
Paris Chapter6 Title
Andre has lead you to his lair beneath the Paris Opera house. Save Anette and defeat him once and for all in Chapter 6! Completing this chapter earns the ability Summon Opera Ghost.

Mastery of all chapters earns the ability Soif de Sang


See also: Event, Paris Missions, Fleur De Lis, Paris Ability Set

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