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Sagaan has sent you to meet a woman in Russia named Katya. Meet with her, and travel through the Caucasus Mountains. It is rumored a corrupt Vampire Lord there has been capturing Vampires and performing experiments on them. Completion of this tier gives ability Ice Shield

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In the distance lies Castle Vladimir! Follow the uncovered wolf tracks and breach the castle walls. Inside you will find Vladimir. Completion of this tier gives ability Summon Werewolf

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Inside the Castle Courtyard it appears that only a few guards are on watch. Eliminating these threats should be child's play. Completion of this tier gives ability Silent Kill

Russia ch4 image Russia ch4 title
Underestimating the guards in this castle is a mistake you won't make again soon. Now at the mercy of the Doctor Tarasov, you must break free and rescue the other captured Vampires. Completion of this tier gives ability Blood Armor

Russia ch5 image Russia ch5 title
Invigorated by the Doctor's Enhanced Vampire Blood, you must break out of the Doctor's lab and proceed through the castle catacombs.' Completion of this tier gives ability Silvered Touch '

Russia ch6 image Russia ch6 title

Completion of this tier gives ability Justice

Mastery of all tiers gives ability Yarost

Return to Russia

Russia re-opened for a time period of two days. September 14-15. Players could attempt to finish what leftover missions remained.


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