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Sorority Girl

This Minion cannot be purchased and is earned by completing Sire a Vampire. A player can only collect 1 of these Minions.

It produces 18,000 Icon Blood per hour and is worth 55,000,000 Icon Blood.

Image Gallery

Minions available in Vampire Wars
Level 1  • Bum  • Park Jogger  • Escaped Mental Patient
Level 5  • Cop
Level 9  • High School Football Team
Level 12  • Blood Bank Nurse
Level 15  • Paramedic
Level 17  • Diner Waitress
Level 19  • Group of Ninjas
Level 22  • Mime
Level 24  • Hacker
Level 28  • College Fraternity
Level 32  • Bank Teller
Level 35  • SWAT Strike Team
Level 40  • Law Firm
Crypt  • Psychic Minion
Feed Posting  • Vampire Petvillian  • Vampire Cow  • Zombie Chef  • Card Shark  • Mobster  • Cannibal Farmer  • Crazed Bear  • Burning Jack  • Vampire Monkey  • Frankenkitty
Event  • Sorority Girl

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