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The Spirit of the Earth (event) was a Gifting Event similiar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Air, Soil, and Water. You have 20 days to complete the ability set. The event ran from April 17th - May 7th 2012.

Life and Rebirth

Spirit of the Earth (ability)

Nature has nasty ways of ensuring balance. Master the forces of Nature and the Spirit of the Earth will be yours to wield!

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Air, Soil, and Water

Ability Set

Each ability had 3 levels of mastery and by mastering all abilities earns the Spirit of the Earth (ability).

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense Cost
Mystic Breeze Level 1 Mystic Breeze Movement 67 Icon Attack 66 Icon Defense Icn Air
Mystic Breeze Level 2 Mystic Breeze Movement 76 Icon Attack 74 Icon Defense 10 Icn Air
Mystic Breeze Level 3 Mystic Breeze Movement 85 Icon Attack 84 Icon Defense 15 Icn Air
Poison of the Earth Level 1 Poison of the Earth Offensive 94 Icon Attack 38 Icon Defense Icn Soil
Poison of the Earth Level 2 Poison of the Earth Offensive 104 Icon Attack 44 Icon Defense 10 Icn Soil
Poison of the Earth Level 3 Poison of the Earth Offensive 119 Icon Attack 49 Icon Defense 15 Icn Soil
Oceanic Rage Level 1 Oceanic Rage Offensive 98 Icon Attack 35 Icon Defense Icn Water
Oceanic Rage Level 2 Oceanic Rage Offensive 106 Icon Attack 40 Icon Defense 10 Icn Water
Oceanic Rage Level 3 Oceanic Rage Offensive 122 Icon Attack 49 Icon Defense 15 Icn Water
Spirit of the Earth (ability) Spirit of the Earth (ability) Defensive 106 Icon Attack 234 Icon Defense 30 Icn Air,

30 Icn Soil,
30 Icn Water

See: Mystic Breeze, Poison of the Earth, Oceanic Rage, and Spirit of the Earth (ability)

Mythology and Etymology

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Image Gallery

See also: Gifting Event

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