Superhuman Strength
Type: Attack
Attack Points: 3
Defence Points: 2
Level: 3
Initial Cost: 3,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 30,000 blood or 5 Favour points

This ability can be bought from the Bazaar. It can be improved by spending blood or favour points. The levels of mastery are called Better, Greater, and Superior. Mastery increases by 20% with each improvement purchase. At 100% the next level is attained. You may only spend blood to improve this ability once every 24 hours.

Better Superhuman Strength

Attack Points: 8
Defence Points: 7
Cost: 15,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 60,000 blood or 5 Favour points
Upkeep: -100 blood

Upon improving this ability to the Better level, it requires an hourly upkeep cost in blood.

Greater Superhuman Strength

Attack Points: 18
Defence Points: 17
Cost: 30,000 blood
Improvement Cost: 180,000 blood or 5 Favour points
Upkeep: -400 blood

Superior Superhuman Strength

Attack Points: 36
Defence Points: 34
Cost: 60,000 blood
Upkeep: -1,200 blood

Buyable abilities available In Vampire Wars
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Level 15  • Mist Form
Level 20  • Flight
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