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The The Maya was a 18-chapter Portal Event, similiar to Spain. It required the Mission Item Jedmask. The player has 60 days to complete all chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it and earn additional abilities; 5 Icn Favor Point for the first three chapters and 10 Icn Favor Point for the last three chapters in each district. The event ran from February 28th - May 6th 2012.

Destroy the Rogue Vampires


We who belong to the Turned have always stood united, but there are those among us who thrive in evil.

The sacrifice of a Chosen One every thousand years buys an ancient clan of Mayan vampires a millennium of unbridled evil. The bloodline of the innocent Chi'ol tribe was all but wiped out in this clan's hunt for the Chosen. You must travel back a thousand years and avert this disaster. Palenque is where you begin. -Sagaan

Players travel backwards through time to The Maya to help an ancient caste of Vampires. Unlike other Portal Events, no key is required to enter The Maya.



The Maya required ????? Icn Jedmask to complete all Missions.

See: Jedmask



Palenque chapter1 header
Palenque chapter1 title
Burned to the ground and long abandoned, Cerro Norte stands mute witness as you struggle against the hold of a shadowy attacker. Desperation rests heavy in your stomach as you feel your goal – Palenque – slipping from your grasp.
Unlocked February 28th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Sense of the Tracker.

Palenque chapter2 header
Palenque chapter2 title
Your captor brought you to the very ones you sought; their trust earned with your werewolf sacrifice. Embers dance in the fire as you drink from a rough-hewn goblet to seal your place in the circle of your Chi'ol brothers. Their tale of doom now falls upon your ears.
Unlocked March 3rd. Completing this chapter earns the ability Wolf's Bane.

Palenque chapter3 header
Palenque chapter3 title
Fallen leaves crunch under your feet as you reach for the sundial. The ancient complexities of the puzzle fall into place. Anticipation grips you as you make your way forward, eager to defend the Chi'ol against their Mayan persecutors.
Unlocked March 7th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Animate Florae.

Palenque chapter4 header
Palenque chapter4 title
Awe rises unbidden as you catch a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of Palenque through the gushing falls beyond the cave. A moment of fleeting perfection, tainted by a lingering evil, you leave the dank depths of the cave to face the unknown dangers of Palenque.
Unlocked March 11th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Command Asshei.

Palenque chapter5 header
Palenque chapter5 title
In the quiet before dawn, you reach the core of Palenque's dark secret. High atop Hun-Came's temple, a Chi'ol vampire prepares to breathe his last. Every sense tuned to your enemies' movements, you hasten to race the fatal rays of the Sun God.
Unlocked March 15th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Assassin's Guile.

Palenque chapter6 header
Palenque chapter6 title
Betrayed at the hands of the ones you tried to save – the full extent of your folly cuts you like a knife at your throat. The Chi'ol vampires saw in you the mark of the Chosen and the rays of Hun-Came's dawn rage down upon you.
Unlocked March 18th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Selfless Heart.

Mastery of all Palenque chapters earns the Epic ability Thunderous Bloodstorm.


Xibalba chapter1 header
Xibalba chapter1 title
Still reeling from the anathema of death, the horrors of entering hell hit you hard. Fear fills your head and panic strikes as the monstrous Hell Cat approaches you with murder in it's eyes.
Unlocked March 20th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Feline Stealth.

Xibalba chapter2 header
Xibalba chapter2 title
Built by the Council of Death Gods in the wake of man's rising sin, Xibalba's Crumbling Pyramid is as unpredictable as it gets. Your mind is filled with fickle thoughts while you try to decipher the maze that the Crumbling Pyramid is.
Unlocked March 24th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Inner Peace.

Xibalba chapter3 header
Xibalba chapter3 title
The Upper Echelons is where Hun Came and his sister, The Demon Seductress, reside. The very thought of going there makes you swim in sweat for there is only one way to the Upper Echelons – through the Lake of Fire!.
Unlocked March 28th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Diamond Form.

Xibalba chapter4 header
Xibalba chapter4 title
It's not easy to impress the Demon King's sister. A heady mix of stunning beauty and monstrous power, it's hard to focus with the Seductress in your sights. Outwardly calm, your mind struggles with all the possible disastrous ends that await you.
Unlocked April 1st. Completing this chapter earns the ability Lethal Seduction.

Xibalba chapter5 header
Xibalba chapter5 title
Courage has fled the hearts of thousands before. With the beast's breath hitting you like a putrid heat wave, it all boils down to whether you can hide your growing fears and save your shaky determination. This showdown will be one for the ages.
Unlocked April 4th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Command Hell Beast.

Xibalba chapter6 header
Xibalba chapter6 title
Convincing Hun Came for redemption is no child's play. Your heartbeat pounds in your ears as you tell your tale to the Demon King. Anticipation fills the air as you place your destiny in Hun Came's hands.
Unlocked April 8th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Resurrect Army of Souls.

Mastery of all Xibalba chapters earns the Epic ability Xibalban Storm.


Yucatan ch1 header
Yucatan ch1 title
Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say. Rising like a phoenix from the underground, with the horrors of hell still burning bright inside, you are prepared to deliver upon the Chi'ol a bitter vengeance. Your thoughts are clouded by confusion, however, as you confront a deserted Palenque.
Unlocked April 13th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Call of the Phoenix.

Yucatan ch2 header
Yucatan ch2 title
The Chi'ol have fled Palenque and every cell in your body burns with the desire to confront them. At the same time, you have to remain cool as the night. It is time for patience and pursuit.
Unlocked April 17th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Comaxtli's Compass.

Yucatan ch3 header
Yucatan ch3 title
Your senses are alert, every sound, taste and smell hits you like a knife in your chest as you stealthily plan the quiet demise of the Chi'ol City Guard at your hands. One wrong step, and death will be your most certain fate.
Unlocked April 21st. Completing this chapter earns the ability Madness of Memories.

Yucatan ch4 header
Yucatan ch4 title
Killing the city guards was child's play compared to fighting the Chi'ol Army. Steady your trembling fingers and strike every blow with purpose. If you want to survive the onslaught, that is.
Unlocked April 25th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Itzpapalotl's Zorb Shield.

Yucatan ch5 header
Yucatan ch5 title
Your mind can wait no longer to find out the reason behind the Chi'ol's betrayal. The moment has come for you to confront your foremost enemy. Perhaps, it's time for you to stab them back, in the heart.
Unlocked April 29th. Completing this chapter earns the ability Deceiver's Guilt.

Yucatan ch6 header
Yucatan ch6 title
It is time for some answers – but do you really need them anymore? Your mind drifts towards indifference while your heart seeks out the truth. You realize what you really want . . . is just peace.
Unlocked May 3rd. Completing this chapter earns the ability Goddess Nemesis' Curse.

Mastery of all Yucatan chapters earns the Epic ability Prophecy of Destruction.


See: The Maya (missions)

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense District
Sense of the Tracker Sense of the Tracker Movement 123 Icon Attack 123 Icon Defense Palenque
Wolf's Bane Wolf's Bane Offensive 175 Icon Attack 68 Icon Defense Palenque
Animate Florae Animate Florae Defensive 70 Icon Attack 160 Icon Defense Palenque
Command Asshei Command Asshei Offensive 167 Icon Attack 69 Icon Defense Palenque
Assassin's Guile Assassin's Guile Movement 121 Icon Attack 124 Icon Defense Palenque
Selfless Heart Selfless Heart Movement 120 Icon Attack 123 Icon Defense Palenque
Ancient's Sacrifice Ancient's Sacrifice Defensive 97 Icon Attack 228 Icon Defense Palenque
Feline Stealth Feline Stealth Movement 122 Icon Attack 122 Icon Defense Xibalba
Inner Peace Inner Peace Defensive 68 Icon Attack 175 Icon Defense Xibalba
Diamond Form Diamond Form Defensive 70 Icon Attack 174 Icon Defense Xibalba
Lethal Seduction Lethal Seduction Offensive 132 Icon Attack 114 Icon Defense Xibalba
Command Hell Beast Command Hell Beast Offensive 139 Icon Attack 103 Icon Defense Xibalba
Resurrect Army of Souls Resurrect Army of Souls Offensive 145 Icon Attack 98 Icon Defense Xibalba
Xibalban Storm Xibalban Storm Offensive 260 Icon Attack 58 Icon Defense Xibalba
Call of the Phoenix Call of the Phoenix Movement 130 Icon Attack 120 Icon Defense Yucatan
Comaxtli's Compass Comaxtli's Compass Movement 119 Icon Attack 122 Icon Defense Yucatan
Madness of Memories Madness of Memories Offensive 194 Icon Attack 49 Icon Defense Yucatan
Itzpapalotl's Zorb Shield Itzpapalotl's Zorb Shield Defensive 61 Icon Attack 188 Icon Defense Yucatan
Deceiver's Guilt Deceiver's Guilt Defensive 85 Icon Attack 159 Icon Defense Yucatan
Goddess Nemesis' Curse Goddess Nemesis' Curse Offensive 194 Icon Attack 47 Icon Defense Yucatan
Prophecy of Destruction Prophecy of Destruction Offensive 272 Icon Attack 49 Icon Defense Yucatan

Collection Abilities

Mayan Warfare

While completing Missions in The Maya there was a chance of finding pieces of the Palenque Collection in Palenque, Xibalba Collection in Xibalba, and Yucatan Collection in Yucatan. These could be traded for Mayan Warfare, Eye of the Jaguar, and Chi'ol Heritage.

Return to The Maya

After the event ended, The Maya reopened for 1 week to allow players to finish any incomplete missions. Jedmasks could be purchased with Favor points, but no longer requested from friends, bought from the Collector, or dropped in missions.

Background Information

Before the event began players speculated it would be called South America instead of The Maya.

Mythology and Etymology

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