Torturous Cacophony
Type: Offensive
Attack Points: 180
Defence Points: 82

This ability is obtained from collecting the other 4 Abilities in Malignant Music Set between December 7th 2011 - December 12th 2011, or the Crate of Dreams Crates and is found on Facebook.


For the first few days Apocalypse was being offered as the reward on the Facebook platform and Torturous Cacophony was only on the MySpace platform; this glitch has been rectified.

Background and Etymology

In the field phonaesthetics, the study of the beauty or unpleasantness of sounds, cacophony refers to a harsh or discordant sound.

The word "cacophony" comes from the Greek words "kakos" meaning "bad or evil" and "phone" meaning sound.

See also: Malignant Music Event

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