Listed below are some shortcut links for the Vampire Wars game.

Facebook Shortcuts

Vampire Wars on Facebook:
Give a Free Gift
Recent News Updates:
Your Stats:
Your Trophies:
Your Avatar:
Comments page:
Judge a user(s) Avatar:
Judge a specific user's Avatar:
Send a Free Gift to a user(s):
Give a Gift to a specific user:
Add a Friend on Facebook:
Invite your Friend(s) to join your Clan:
Invite a specific Friend to join your Clan:
Check out your Clan:
Available Missions:
The highest unlocked tier of Missions:
Fight other Vampires:
Vampires on the Hitlist:
Vampires on the Fight Leaderboard:
Buy Offensive Abilities:
Buy Defensive Abilities:
Buy Movement Abilities:
Dominate Minions:
Spruce up your Avatar:
Make trades with the Elder Council:
Akem's Daily Gamble:
Spin Mandy's Wheel for Blood Magic:
Visit Akem Manah Crypt to open locks:
Visit Jeremy the Collector for purchases:

Short-term or Event Shortcuts

Induction page:
Battle the Four Horsemen:
New Orleans portal:
The first tier of the Portal Missions: **
Help Revive Dracula:
Russia portal:
Get Wings from the Artisans:

Official Shortcuts

Vampire Wars blog:
Vampire Wars on Twitter:
Download the Vampire Wars game bar:

Unofficial Shortcuts

A complete list of Facebook Abilities:
VW Maniac's blog:

Please Note:

  • Most links require you to be logged into your account to work properly.
  • You must replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the user's ID (the number in the user's Facebook profile url).
  • You must enter the portal before using marked links. **

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