This Minion cannot be purchased. By completing Missions, a player may randomly earn the opportunity to share the Café World Chef with Clan members by posting the offer on their wall. A player can only collect 1 of these Minions per day, and each find contains ?? Zombie Chefs. You cannot collect your own Zombie Chefs.

It produces 10,000 Blood per hour and is worth 50,000,000 Blood.

Minions available in Vampire Wars
Level 1  • Bum  • Park Jogger  • Escaped Mental Patient
Level 5  • Cop
Level 9  • High School Football Team
Level 12  • Blood Bank Nurse
Level 15  • Paramedic
Level 17  • Diner Waitress
Level 19  • Group of Ninjas
Level 22  • Mime
Level 24  • Hacker
Level 28  • College Fraternity
Level 32  • Bank Teller
Level 35  • SWAT Strike Team
Level 40  • Law Firm
Crypt  • Psychic Minion
Feed Posting  • Vampire Petvillian  • Vampire Cow  • Zombie Chef  • Card Shark  • Mobster  • Cannibal Farmer  • Crazed Bear  • Burning Jack  • Vampire Monkey  • Frankenkitty
Event  • Sorority Girl

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